Check out the Samsung Galaxy S IV Scratch Test

Samsung Galaxy S IV is close to a global launch and we have little doubt that the device will be a major hit. Despite tough competition from the HC One, coupled with aggressive marketing and already a strong fan following, the S IV is the Android phone scale on which other devices will be measured against.

Samsung galaxy S IV scratch test

However, most people with in the know in field of technology have lamented the plastic designing of the S IV just like  with the previous devices such as the S II and S III. However, with toughened plastic and rimmed metal usage, the S IV is a tough device and we do expect it to hold up against the everyday forces of deformations just like its predecessors. However, it would not be possible for most of us to test this claim as we love our devices way too much.

So here is the video demonstrating how well the device stood up to some knives and key scratching test to give you a little idea if you can trust the build quality of Samsung.

Do let us know if the findings of this test would influence your choice to pick up the Samsung galaxy S IV. You can comment in the section below or simply Tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika.

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