Check out the Story of Oppo in this interesting Video

Mobile market today is literally stuffed with OEMs. There are literally so many manufacturers releasing devices everyday that it has become next to impossible to keep a track. Although this is great for the market as more the choice, better it is for the consumers as it brings devices in a competent price range but too much choices sometimes can lead to a mental block when it comes to making one choice.


One of the upcoming OEMs that have really impressed in the past few months is Oppo. A China based company, Oppo is anything but your typical chinese stuff. The devices are premium quality and top spec’ed. The Find 5 has got to be one of the best devices out there, no doubt about that. ALso, the sort of support Oppo has been giving by promoting developers and their ROMs is worthy of appreciation. We really hope Oppo would soon bring their devices to India as right now you have to go through a lot of channels to pick one of their devices.

So what exactly is Oppo and how the company has evolved? That is an interesting question, starting from 2005, the story of Oppo has indeed been very interesting. Here, they have put together a video to show their interesting journey. Do check out:

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