Check Out the World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies

As you all know walkie talkie is a handheld device which is used as a transceiver. It means two people can talk to each other by using two different handheld devices. This device is mainly used by army people during wars or metro train employees to manage the metro operations. But apart from its army or metro operations, it is available for kids as a toy to communicate each other at home (range is low as 20 to 30 meters only).

Now, the World’s smallest walkie talkie is available for 12.95 pounds only. The size of these devices are too small and they can fit in your pocket easily. The range of this device is 30 meters and it can easily¬†penetrate your home’s walls and floors.

You can use this device in two modes, either push to talk mode or Morse code mode. There are antennas on this device that can be easily bent. There is a button on the top to send Morse code messages. Overall this device is a great fun for kids.

Are you going to purchase this device for “over and out”!

Check out World Smallest Walkie Talkies.

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