Check out these 3D Printed Cases for Motorola Moto 360

The title of the post, most definitely would have shocked you. After all, we are used to picking up cases for our smartphones, maybe even tablets at a stretch occasionally, but not a watch ever. The only real accessory, that we may associate with a watch would be maybe a new strap at a stretch and thats about that. However, with Android Wear gradually becoming an acceptable companion for wrist, you are bound to see more and more accessories come on board for it, including new straps, screen protectors and yes, cases.

Moto360-Watch case

A merchant for 3D printing cases, Shapeways is selling bumper cases in a choice of colors for the Motorola 360, including white, red and yellow. These bumper cases are pretty much like what we have seen with some of the smartphones, where they cover the outer metallic layer of the device. There are also options which cover just the sides, allowing the outer or the top metallic rim of the watch to be visible.

The bumper includes the cutouts for the knob of the watch and also makes sure that it does not come in contact with your skin, in case you have a tendency to pick up allergies. The cases are available starting at $8 and can be purchased right from here

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