Check Out This Latest Nexus 4 Ad By Google

Advertisements have become an integral part of success that mobile brands enjoy today. Not only is it a battle of the best smart phone on the planet, at times, it is also the battle for the best advertisements. Apple set the standards back in the day with the famous Super Bowl Commercial warning IBM and since then, ad films have become an integral part of planning for mobile companies. More often than not Ads from Apple are intriguing and pretty funny, and Google tends to run them close with Samsung usually a third as they seem to want to mock others more than highlight themselves solely. However, Google have released their latest Ad film for Nexus 4 and all the focus seems to be on Google Now. Here is the ad:

The ad film is simple yet effective. It highlights how useful Google Now has become for the people using it on their Android smart phones. It has become one of the big selling points for Google, very similar to what Siri has been to iPhone 4s or 5.

Nexus 4

(Image Credit: The Verge)

Admittedly, I do not use Google Now too much since it seems a little erratic at the moment, but you can not help but be impressed at where it is going. The new features such as pulling your tickets from Gmail or Hotel Reservations is a good step and we hope that Google Now can become that one huge hub of all info that Google has of ours. The ad focuses solely on the capabilities of Android as an Eco System and show cases the beautiful hardware that Nexus 4 is. It is in no way taking a swipe at one of its competitors, and doing it’s own jib which we really appreciate.

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