Check out this Sensational Video of Landings Performed in Crosswinds at Birmingham Airport

A terrible weather and smothering crosswind is the worst nightmare of the pilot when performing a landing. All the possibilities from missing the approach, missing the runway, of the wing bumping the runway become a stark possibility when the weather gods take the matter in their own hands and it definitely is not a pretty sight if you are sitting in the plane. All you can really do is fold your hands and pray for yours and those with you, and their safety.

A stunning video posted by an aviation enthusiast Flugsnug shows a few aircrafts, including a twin engine ATR landing at the Birmingham airport in absolutely nightmare of conditions. It is clear none of the aircrafts featured in the video are the mainstay Boeing or Airbus planes, which perhaps would take to the conditions slightly better given their heavier weight and more powerful turbojet engines.

However, if you are an aviation enthusiast like us, you would absolutely enjoy these turboprop planes somehow safely managing to land safely. This is the time when you actually get to appreciate a good pilot and his work, where in spite of really challenging conditions, he is able to bring everybody home safely.

Here is the video:

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