Check out this Sharp’s new 12MP Camera Sensor

Sharp has just unveiled its 12.1 mega pixel CMOS camera sensor which can be used in smartphones. It is the thinnest camera sensor available in the market with just 5.47mm in thickness. It supports 1080p High definition video recording along with image stabilization. Sharp has managed to build a thin camera sensor which can perform the daily task and click good quality photos.

The chip is in the news not only for being the thinnest one but it might feature in the next iphone too. It is also rumored that Sharp will be providing Apple with touch screens for the coming devices and it won’t be a surprise if Apple buys out the above mentioned sensor along with touch screens.

Currently Apple uses the 8 mega pixel sensor of Sony in iphone 4S. Thanks to Sony the camera on iphone 4S is one of the best camera in the market, but if Sharp’s sensor manages to out-perform Sony’s sensor Apple will definitely think of adding it to the coming versions of the iphone.

Sharp’s sensor would also be looking forward to dethrone Nokia’s 12 mega pixel sensor found on N8 which is currently rated as the best found among smartphones.
The production of the sensor will begin in January and OEM’s will be getting samples as soon as this week itself. This camera sensor will be costing the manufacturers $150, so whichever company decided to use it this will definitely add up to the cost of the device.

We still don’t know how the image quality is, which will only be tested once the sensor is out in the wild but we do hope this will change the overall image experience in smart phones.

[via Technobuffalo].

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