Check Out This Shocking Video Of How People Behave Online

One of the leading tech journalists of MSNBC once told me to be extremely wary of my online identity and behave appropriately and like only appropriate things online because your online identity is just as important today as your other identities such as one on your driving licence or even the passport. You can be easily judged as a person you are seeing how you behave online. You can be called a loner, a moaner or just plain attention seeker just by looking at your activities and the types of pages you lie. So it’s pretty obvious one must be extremely cautious while browsing the web. Yet, today web has become a serious thing. In fact this reminds me of that famous troll where one person would much rather correct another person and argue with him rather than go ahead and sleep and rest.


We are pretty much losing ourselves in order to impress others on the web, and this is where things like trolling, abusing and acting smarty pants on the web become a problem. There  is  nothing  wrong in  having a little bit of a rant or even having a moan about a bad product, but sometimes the insult and the vile on the web can be extremely disheartening and frustrating. Some of the comments people leave on applications in both the Play Store as well as the App Store really make me feel sad for the developers who work tirelessly hard in developing these applications. You might as well not say anything and just not use the app or even delete it from your phone rather than sit and spout abuses on the developer and his family. It indeed is a sad sight. Here is a video which pretty much shows what exactly is wrong with the web, and unless we can quickly learn and maintain some minimum etiquettes while online, the web would slowly become a polluted place just like earth is today.

Via: Technobuffalo


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