Check Out Which Mobile OS Dominates which Region on Twitter

It has always been a two way battle between Android and iOS for the mobile sphere supremacy. However, with so many facts and figures around, it has not always been a very clear indication as to which OS is popular where. One way to gauge this information though is by looking at the app usage via devices in different regions. And this is exactly what an interactive map at mapbox does.

interactive twitter maps

Twitter is one of the most used apps on mobile platforms so this interactive map of the world shows exactly the regions and the mobile OS which is most used at it. Pretty clear though that iPhone wins hands down in America while Android dominates parts of Asia and you barely will find the trace of BlackBerry. However, this resounding victory maybe down to the fact that most iPhone users do not really bother with switching with location settings where as Android users are mostly power users who are careful to turn these things off, perhaps to even save battery?

The likes of Windows Phone are barely visible too. You can simply click on one of the OS in the bar towards the left to make comparison or just see stand alone regions.

View the interactive map here

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