Check the Exact Status of your Download with this Cydia Tweak

Since the jailbreak of iOS 7 came about, there have been several interesting Cydia tweaks that have surfaced. Plenty of these tweaks are refurbished from the days of iOS 6 or maybe even earlier. However, it is always a news of great interest when the developer goes out of the way to produce something that has not been done yet. AppETA is one such tweak which brings a very interesting concept to the table.

AppETA- Tweak

The tweak is a paid tweak, and available for a price of $.99 in BigBoss repo. However, if you do know your way around, there is bound to be a free version lying somewhere, but we totally encourage you to go ahead and buy the tweak if you intend to use it. The teak simply adds an info pop up which is displayed when you click on an app when it is being downloaded. In the popup you get information such as the progress of the download and speed of the transfer that is happening so that you are doubly sure that the app is downloading.

Not just this, you can also directly from the popup go to the app page in the app store to read more about the app or simply dismiss the popup once you have seen the information. There are plenty of modes to customise within the application too and you could just add a percentage sign or even a change of colors to show the progress of app download.

AppETA is an interesting tweak and dare we say, a concept that maybe Apple should think about including into iOS by default. And if done right, it just might bring iOS closer to one of the things that Android does better than it, which is progress report of the app download.

Via: Redmondpie

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