Check Your Calender Entries with Calender Status

Smartphones today are not just our primary devices. They are our to go game machines, music players and organizers. There are several apps that help us organize ourselves. From apps to help us keep a check on budgets, to apps that help us keep a record of To-Do things. However, in all of these, the most important is perhaps the Calender. We can easily sync our Google Calender on our Android smartphone and as a result have all the upcoming events at the glance of our eye.

Calender Status

With Calender Status, things get even more interesting. You do not have to even go through the ordeal of opening the app and checking the upcoming events as they are clearly listed in the Notification Bar of your Android device. This is really useful as, the one thing we definitely access is the notification panel even if the apps on the device stay untouched.

These notifications are expandable too just like any other notification on Android device, so in case you have an event which is pretty descriptive, you can check that out too by pulling the notification down with two fingers. You can play around with the color of the text as well as the background of the app.

The app requires you to be running Android version 4.0+ and can be downloaded from here

Via: XDA Forums

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