Check Your Monitor for Defective Pixels using Injured Pixels

When monitors are used for long time, there are bound to be some defects in the pixels. Some may become defective, some may stop working. You can find out if your monitor is working properly using this handy portable app.

A defective pixel is a kind of pixel which does not illuminate properly or does not display the correct color output. Black or white spot will appear on your screen which you probably can’t see normally because of the large number of colors on your screen. Injured Pixels fills the entire screen with a custom solid color allowing you to inspect your monitor for defective pixels.

injured pixels

There are 5 custom colors that the app will fill your screen with. If you want, you can add your own custom color to your screen. To change colors, just left click on your screen. To view the menu, right click on the screen. Use each color and look closely at your screen for any dead pixel sections. If you find an unusual spot on your screen, then it is most probably a pixel which is dead and has stopped working.

It is a portable app and does not require an installation. Just download the file and run it directly.

Download Injured Pixels here

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