Checkout How Student’s Built Aircrafts Flew at the Farnborough Air Show

Air Shows are meant to be the ultimate showcase events for the built aircrafts. The recently concluded Farnborough Air show saw several marvellous aircrafts such as the Boeing 787 as well as the Airbus Neo lines of planes participate. The star of the show, without a doubt was the Boeing 787 with its maneuvers and ability to fly low altitudes while still not giving anything away in terms of the stability loss.

Farnborough- Students

However, another interesting event at the Farnborough Air Show was that it was the first time here that a couple of aircrafts made by students took part and actually flew. Everyone who has tried their hands at aero modelling will know how much of a joy it is to see your own built aircraft flying. The students were taking part in the ‘Build-a-Plane’ competition that was sponsored by Boeing as well as the Royal Aeronautical Society. The students flew the planes during the Air Show’s Future day and it was quite a sight.

The aircrafts were primarily built out of kits and seeing the video you can judge that they showcased both decent stability as well as control. Both, the maneuverability as well as the range and ceiling of the planes were really impressive. We have embedded the video above for you to checkout the flights.

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