Checkout how Volvo used Google Cardboard to Create a Virtual Test Drive

Google showcased the Google Cardboard at this year’s Google I/O. While everyone was lusting after the Android Wear, Google Cardboard understandably was not given the due attention it may have deserved or for that matter been taken too seriously. Thanks to its cardboard build and generally little attention, the product was downplayed and forgotten soon after the conference was over and the media know about had done taking one product shot for the coverage sake.

But the folks over at Volvo have actually used this pretty portable and inexpensive VR headset to activate a digital campaign where they showcased a test drive in the virtual world for their upcoming SUV called the XC90 in an attempt to push the sales and develop awareness in the market around the new product.

You can test drive the car in various environment, including the time of the day as well as navigate various episodes with some pretty calming music, just like the way you would on most of your drives. The application will work on most of the Samsung new handsets, starting from the Galaxy S4 and also on the likes of Nexus 6 and Motorola Moto X. In case you do not have Google cardboard and would like to build one of your own, you can try doing that too, by simply following the DIY of the same right here.

Via: Android Central

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