Checkout the First Prototype of a Self Driven Car

Google has worked on several strange projects in the past. The Google Glass for example was a really futuristic looking thing until it became a reality last year. We are hearing a lot of excitement around modular phones too. And adding to that list is, a self driven car. Imagine, you sitting in a car, pressing a button, inputting your destination and enjoying the ride as the car drives on its own dodging the traffic. No steering wheels, no accelerators, no brakes, nothing to worry, perhaps the only drive where you can even text while being on the front seat.


At the Code conference, the Co-Founder of Google, Sergey Brin gave an insight into the self driven car project. Google has prepared a few prototype vehicles that they are testing currently. The vehicle can carry two passengers and their baggage and works on software implementations and sensors. The car has sensors that can detect an object as far away as two football fields making it perfect for busy traffic. Brin stated that the focus while designing the cars has been on safety rather than luxury and on the outside, the car looks very similar to a mini wagon like the Nano or the Beetle.

The programme is expected to continue in testing phase though with steering wheels in the car currently and in about two years time it would take to the streets of San Francisco for the final phase of testing. Sergey also stated that Google is actively looking for partnerships for its self driven cars and an Uber like model is what he is aiming for.

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