Checkout where does Silicon Valley Gets its Talent From

Silicon Valley in the USA has been the home of several important tech revolutions in the modern day world. We owe a lot to the Silicon Valley and some of the great entrepreneurs that it has produced for ushering us in to the era of modern technology. It is a dream for most of the tech savvy people to earn an opportunity to work in the Silicon Valley and go head to head with some of the best in the industry. Yet, very few of us get the chance to do so. Could it be down to the region you come from that may have an influence?

Perhaps it may, here is an incredibly interesting illustration that was made by Bloomberg Businessweek which analysed the workers and their backgrounds to come up with a list of top 100 talent providersĀ to come up with detailed representation of which region contributes to the most workman force in the Silicon Valley. As expected the Asian Americans make the majority of the working army, contributing to as much as one third of the startups that are in the Valley. Mexico, Texas and Arizona rank high up too, while the likes of Jamaica, Peru and Saudi Arabia contribute to the least percentage of people.

You can check out the detailed chart of the contributions right here:

Silicon Valley contributions

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