Chime For Chrome Brings All Your Notifications At One Place

With the rise of social networks, it becomes in inevitable that people make an account on at least most of the big ones. For example, just about everyone, uses Facebook, Twitter or even Foursquare. If you do not, then I am sure you do not really care much about your notifications either. But majority of people do. And it becomes quite a tiresome job to sit and go through all the sites reading your notifications. Most of the times, the notifications are few and far between them and we end up wasting lots of time on the site which spoils what work we had planned for the future. So in this case, a tool that that can bring all these notifications at one place is a very handy thing.


Chime for Chrome is one such amazing extension. It is very simple to use and available for free in the Chrome Store. You can download it to your browser and let it take that little space on your browser. The set up is very simple. When you install the extension, click on the icon and you can enter the account details of the accounts you wish you configure. You can add in your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and lots of other social networking sites too. Now the moment you receive notification from either of these accounts that you have configured, it would show up on the web browser. You can click on the icon of Chime to view these notifications. The UI and configuring is extremely simple and you are ready to go within few minutes. Really simple, fast and intuitive way to read your notifications.

You can download the extension here.

Do let us know if you found this extension useful and if you have a better solution than Chime. You can also tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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