Chrome Browsers Release Channels [Beta, Dev & Canary]

Google Chrome is fast, secure, extensions ready, customizable browser and there are lots of features which makes it different from others. What you download from Google Chrome website is a stable version (a version you downloaded and installed from But there are three other kinds of chrome channels available to download and they are known as release channels. These are Beta, Dev channel and Canary build. Let’s discuss each of them one by one.


Stable channel is the most reliable channel because all the features arrive after extensively tested in the Beta channel. But there is one downside of stable channel. You miss some really cool upcoming features.

Beta channel. It is for those who wants to report the problem occurs in Chrome. The tested Dev channels features transferred to this channel for the testing purpose. Hence, you can find more features in comparison to stable channel. Also it is less stable than the “Stable channel”.

Dev Channel: This is the channel for testing ideas. You can find almost all the upcoming features first in this channel. You may heard some blogs reporting about the upcoming features in Chrome. It is because they already see it arriving on this channel and expected to come on stable channel soon. Sometimes this channel behaves highly unstable. If you are using this channel then you are helping in improving Google Chrome.

Canary Build: Canary build is the test machine for Google Chrome. It is for developers who wants to test Google Chrome. Updates comes early than Dev channel to this version. The updates are not tested before. It is highly unstable. You can install it in addition to any of the above mentioned channels (Stable, Beta and Dev) and run both the chrome channels side by side. You can’t set it as your default browser.

Download Links

Stable Channel:

Beta Channel:

Dev Channel:

Canary build:

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