Chrome Extension: Offline Google mail

As the name suggests, offline Google mail is a chrome extension that allows you to access your Gmail account when you are offline. Such an extension is pretty handy for people who travel a lot and are unable to access internet on the go. It is a perfect alternative to Microsoft outlook.

The extension allows you to create and read emails and your Gmail account is automatically synced whenever you connect to the internet i.e. your sent and received mails are updated. With the extension you can easily delete your emails, add mails to folders, star you mails.

To add offline Google mail to your Google chrome browser follow this link

Click on Add to chrome on the top left corner and click on install and leave the rest to your browser.

When you open offline Google mail for the first time, it will ask you to choose if you want offline access to your mails or not. Choose whatever you like and you are good to go. The settings button on the top left corner allows you to change basic settings such as the amount of mails download from the past days. You can download as many as 1 month old emails. There is a search bar on the top which of course is to search your mails.  You can also sign into multiple accounts with and simultaneously sign out from all of them.

Overall, the extension is pretty useful and easy to use. It has a minimalist design and is a must have for anyone who wants to read emails on the go.

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