Chrome OS Power Option Guide

We already discussed how to setup your Chrome notebook Cr-48 for first run. Power options in Chrome OS is different from Windows computer or we can say there is very minimal power options available.


Turn ON To turn on your netbook, press the power button. It will take 10 seconds to login screen to appear.

Turn OFF If you are Sign in with Google account then on the bottom right, you’ll see a “Shut down” button. Click on it to turn it off. Also you can close the lid of your notebook to turn it off. If you are unable to find Shut down button then probably you are browsing as guest. In this case just press the power button for few seconds. Your netbook will turn off.

Turn off display Chrome OS will turn off the display after 8 minutes of inactivity (if it is connected to power), otherwise the screen will turn off after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Sleep Mode After 10 minutes of inactivity, netbook will automatically go off to sleep (unplugged condition). If you are signed in with your Google account then close the lid to turn it into sleep mode. As guest login, closing the lid will let your computer shutdown.

Lock the screen To lock the Chrome OS netbook, briefly press the power button (400 milliseconds).

Screen Brightness If you notice the keyboard of your Chrome netbook, you’ll see two screen brightness buttons at the top. Press chromeos_increaselight button to increase the screen brightness and press chromeos_decreaselight button to decrease the screen brightness.

Those are the available power options. Very less in comparison to gigantic Windows power options but still it is good start from Chrome OS team. Hope we will see some enhanced features in the upcoming updates.

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