10 Things You Should Know About Chrome Web Apps

Google launched its own Chrome web store for the users of Chrome OS which runs on Cr-48 notebooks. Many people have confusion in their mind that they can run Chrome web app only through newly launched Chrome OS. This is a myth. You can run it inside any OS. The only conditions is you should have Chrome browser on your computer. You can install apps inside your Google Chrome browser. Here are few noticeable things about Chrome web app which every Chrome user should know:

1. Here is a link of Chrome Web Store which is an open marketplace for web apps . You can search for any app by entering keywords in the search box given at the top. Also as you install Chrome extension in your browser, similarly installation is required before using any apps.

2. When you visit the web store the first thing you’ll notice is the clutter free interface. All the web apps are neatly arranged in different categories. The category names like Communication, Education, Entertainment, Family, Games, Lifestyle, and News are displayed on left.

3. Apart from web apps, you’ll also get extensions and themes. But all the Chrome extensions are not present in this gallery. You have to go to native Chrome extension site to browser all the extension.

4. Chrome app store is a place where you can find, purchase and install applications. Remember that all the apps are not free. You have to pay for them before installing it.

5. After you installed few apps when you open a new tab you’ll see a clutter free blank tab which acts as a dashboard of your apps. If you wonder about your 8 most popular websites thumbnail and recently closed websites then we want to tell you that it is present on that page but minimized. You can maximize them anytime by clicking on the small triangular icons given next to “Most visited” or “Recently closed” terms.

6. Many apps redirects you to the websites only. It means if you want to access some apps in other browser then you can browse them without any problem. For example you can access NewYork Times web app made for Chrome easily in Firefox and IE browsers just by visiting the site http://www.nytimes.com/chrome. But it doesn’t possible with every app. For example, to access Tweetdeck for Chrome you have to install the app on your browser first.

7. The main agenda behind making these icons and embed them to the new tab page is to give you desktop like feel which is eventually not present in the Chrome OS. Users will feel that clicking icon is necessary to run the web app same as clicking icon is necessary to start any software.

8. Top paid and staff picks apps are given on the right sidebar. If you want to know about top paid apps then click on the “Top paid” link. To pick the best apps selected by staffs at Google click on the “Staff picks” (but very fewer number of apps is present in this section and surprisingly Tweetdeck is missing).

9. There are large number of web apps available to perform your daily task. There is app for managing your documents, social media, blogging, productivity, lifestyle, games and many more. My favorites are Tweetdeck, Google apps, Amazon WindowsShop, Sinuous, Clicker.TV and many others.

10. Google also replied to those who wants to run traditional software as web apps. According to Google they are developing a service called Chromoting by which users can access applications run on PC and Macs remotely through their Chrome notebook. A web development company Critix is also working for a web apps.

11. To uninstall any web app just click “Ctrl+T” to open new tab. Right click on the app thumbnail and then click on “Uninstall” option. You can also pin the application to tabs using right click option “Open as pinned tab”.

So here are the 11 important points you should know about Chrome web apps. Have any extra information? You can share it in the comments. Also don’t hesitate to share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. If those are simple web apps, why do they require the Chrome browser? It seems Google is no way better than Microsoft when it comes to monopolistic discrimination 🙁

  2. when I minimize apps by clicking the small triangle left of ‘Apps’ only 8 apps are in display in miniature form, where are the rest???????

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