Chronometask Schedules Your Windows Task Interactively

One should have question in his mind that if we have Windows native Task Scheduler then what is a need of third party tool? The answer is simplicity and interactivity. Chronometask is a tool that allows users to set a time and date for specific tasks that they wish to perform on their PC’s in an interactive manner. There are options for selecting the task you wish to perform and the time at which you want the task to be started.

To use this tool, download and install it on your PC. On first run, it shows a clock like interface which shows present date and time. Also it shows a stop watch having 00:00:00 written on it. When you hover your mouse over below given button then you’ll see all the options present on this tool.


The interface contains everything from setting the time, starting the timer to pausing it or even stopping it. The interface is made of a snazzy looking stop watch that boldly shows the time remaining for the task to be started.

There is an actions manager button where you can configure the task to be performed. The tool also plays an alarm when the timer stops and then starts the task which you selected. The tool can also show a pre-written message when the alarm goes off to remind the user of the task that is to be started. It has an option of shutting down Windows automatically after the task is performed so you don’t have to worry about a thing once the timer is started. Everything from starting of the task to the completion and also shutting down can be configured from the tool itself.


If you want to schedule any program at particular time then you just have to check a box next to Execute Program then browse for a program’s exe file. After selecting it, click on the OK button given below. Now you have to set a timer. Click on the Set timer button and set time after which you want to execute a program. After setting a time, click on Start timer button to start the count down. You can minimize the program now. If in between you feel that you don’t want to task to be completed then you can always pause or stop a timer.

This tool is fun and easy-to-use and can come quite handy when some important work is needed to be done that you don’t want to forget about. The alarm feature adds a great value to this tool.

Download Chronmetsk.

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