Clean and Delete files From Drives Easily with HardWipe

HardWipe is a simple tool that helps to free up space on your hard drive which is normally occupied by some useless readme file which is using unnecessary space on your computer. As time progresses, thousands of these kind of files are created in your drives which occupy unnecessary space. HardWipe analyzes this data and carefully deletes and cleans chunks of these unnecessary files from your computer to free up much needed space.


HardWipe can be used on Hard drives and USB drives to clean up and free space on the drives. There are 3 main options with which you can clean files: Automatic, Full Speed and Restricted. You can select the appropriate option and start the cleaning process depending on how you want the cleaning to occur. If you are performing the cleaning process on some important files like the system files, it is preferred to switch to Restricted cleaning as the app will proceed with caution and make sure not to alter the system files in any way.

There are 6 main ways with which the app can perform the cleaning process:

1. Quick Wipe (1 pass)

2. GOST P50739-95 (2 pass)

3. DOD 5220.22-M(E) (3 pass)

4. DOD 5220.22-M (3+verify)

5. Schneier (7 pass)

6. Gutmann (35 pass)

Select whichever process you want to start the process with but do note that more the passes, more precise will be the clean but the time taken to clean will be more.

Download HardWipe.

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