Clean up Unused Files and Speed up your System with Bleach bit

Bleach Bit is a hardware utility that allows users to clean up their system to increase performance and speed up the system. Bleach Bit cleans up the system registry, browser history, cookies, temporary internet files and all those unused files to free up more space on the computer and speed up the system.

bleach bit

One thing I didn’t like about Bleach Bit is its file size. Ccleaner is about one-third the size of this tool and does almost everything this tool does. But if file size is not an issue for you, then this app can be quite handy. Bleach Bit comes in an installer as well as in a portable version. Bleach Bit is even compatible with Linux operating systems. So there are many advantages that this app has over other tools similar to this one.

Bleach Bit allows for more personalized cleaning of the system by making the user select exactly what to remove from files. On the left side of the Bleach Bit window, you will find a list of all the apps that are installed on your computer. You can select exactly what to remove from which app, for example, you can opt to delete the cache and most recently used files under the Adobe Reader but can select not to delete the temporary files from Adobe Reader. Or you can just select all and start the process of deleting all data from all the apps on your computer.

Use this app if you prefer a more personalized cleaning process for your computer.

Download Bleach Bit.

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