Use ClearType Text Tuner to Read Text Easily in Windows 7

While connecting external HD monitor, LCD to the laptop or PC, one main problem almost every user face is readability of text. Sometimes text are unclear and users are unable to read it. There is a Cleartype Text Tuner feature in Windows 7 that increase the sharpness of fonts appear on screen and you can read them clearly as you read the text on printed paper.

To activate this feature and select the best text format go to the Start menu and type cleartype in the search box. Click on the result “Adjust ClearType text”.


Check the box next to Turn on ClearType and click “Next”.  You can also read about the ClearType technology on the given window.


In the next screen it will display all the attached monitors. I tried the feature on my laptop without attaching any external monitor therefore it is showing a single display screen. It will set the monitor to its native resolution.


In the next step it will show you four samples of text. You have to choose the text sample that looks clear to you. For example in the first screen you have to choose between two given samples.


In the second slot of samples you have to choose between 6 text samples.


After selecting the best looking text samples a finish window will appear. Click on the “Finish” button.


Now you’ll get the best looking font on your PC. It is a hassle free way to get the eye catching fonts on your PC.

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