CM File Manager Added To CM10 Nightlies

If you are an Android hacker or developer then the chances are at least one of your devices is running a CM 10 ROM. I personally have one of the latest releases of CM 10 on my Galaxy Nexus, and it indeed does make your device rock like no other ROM really. There are a few shortcomings of CM 10 even though we love it so much. One of the most important ones is the fact they ship the ROM without the necessary Google Apps. Even though they are available to download later easily, it does add an extra set of files to flash which can be a pain. This is pretty understandable though if the development team does not include the apps from Google. But the absence of some of the other more essential apps is pretty odd.

However, it seems like one of these issues has been resolved. Stating from the nightlies now on, the ROM will shift with a CM 10 file manager. You may have to wait to get it on your device depending on when the latest CM 10 ROM is out, but don’t forget to check the change log for this valuable addition. File managers are the heart and soul if you want to change certain things about the way things look and work on your device. So far we had to download a File Manager separately, especially one that would allow you to play with root files because that is where the whole fun is.

However with the addition of CM File Manager which comes with holo theme all these issues are taken away and you are good to go right from the word go. So do check out for the latest nightly version of CM 10 for your device to be able to use the CM File Manager. A worthy addition indeed.

Via: AndroidCentral

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