Cobook For iPhone Is A Cool Alternative To Default Contacts App

We love our iPhones but one of the few complains we have with the device is that some of the apps that ship out of the box have not been updated since launch. And the app we are specifically alluding to is the contacts app which looks bare as bones. Yes, a lot more info can be now be added to the default application but what if you like to see small thumbnails of pictures of your contacts too and like that little bit of swag. If that is the case then, Cobook is a wonderful alternative to the boring and old Phonebook for your iPhone.


Cobook is an application available for free on the iTunes store which lets you manage the contacts more effectively and efficiently. It is finally a solution where you can integrate all your contacts at one place. All your contacts are unified and updated once they are in real time over the social networking sites. You can add contacts from your Facebook, Twitter, Local contacts and exchange accounts. The app has simple gestures which makes contact viewing a breeze. Once you have given the app permissions to access the accounts, they are displayed alphabetically in Cobook.


You can simply swipe across a contact from right to left to open the options to contact the person in Cobook. You can message him, FB message or call or share the contact as you wish. You can simply swipe from left to right to open the options to view contacts from specific networks too. Clicking on a contact opens the contact pane where you can access all the info of the contact as well as their recent posts from Social networking sites by simply moving the tabs. It is a simple app that does what it is made for and works without any hiccups. We cannot recommend Cobook highly enough.


You can download Cobook for free here.

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  1. Why leave the native address book? I can manage my contacts using GlipMe and that have them updated on every smarpthone, without change the native address book. I think that it’s really better and simpler…

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