Com1 Plans to Bring a Metal Clad Android Wear Watch

While everything in the week gone by has revolved around the Apple Watch as far as the wearables is concerned, Apple has definitely not run away with the plaudits like we had thought would happen. This definitely gives those OEMs going with Android Wear a proper chance at earning a viable share of the market that is still very nascent.

com1 Android Wear-Metal

Com1 is a startup that is planning to bring an Android Wear watch that will come in a metal casing. So far, we have seen the Android Wear watches such as the LG G Watch, LG G Watch R etc come in plastic casing which may or may not be the most eye catchy thing you would want in your watch. However, most of us do prefer a metallic watch and that is exactly where Com1 fits in. However, there is a twist in the tale.

Com1 is not a major OEM who will bring the watch once the design and research work and prototyping is done. They do not have the funds for a mass manufacturing. As a result, they are taking to Indiegogo to crowdfund the watch. You have two options here, you can get a $125 watch which will have an Aluminum casing or a $170 one with a Stainless Steel Casing. The watch is an IP 67 rated and has a square shape, a bit like the LG G Watch with a 320×320 resolution. The device should be available in January if things go by the plan.

Via/[tip: android central]

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