Combine Flappy Birds and 2048 in Jump 48

Our smartphones today are not just objects to help you connect with our loved ones but also our one hub stop for entertainment. Be it music, videos or games, our smartphones are the perfect shelter for all of them. You may disapprove of them, but fact is we still come back and spends hours and hours on end playing on them. Flappy Birds and 2048 were just two of the games that absolutely were a must have, if you wanted a quick leisure time off your work.

Jump 48

Now imagine the effect it would be if the two games were to be bought in one. Yes, that is exactly what one of the senior members of XDA have done. There are several clones of Flappy Birds available on the Play STore after it was pulled down and Jump 48 works just like any of them. The only difference here is that you have to flap the number to its designated space while being careful of the barriers that are on the way.

The game is fun, but certainly not as addictive as either Flappy Birds or 2048. It infact can be pretty confusing at times too. Eventually you have to go through the tile and get the magic 2048 score without touching any of the walls. You have features like leaderboards and unlockable features to keep you engaged though. The game works with any Android device with Android 2.3 and above.

Download Flappy 28 for free from Google Play here

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