Common Blogging Mistakes By a NewBie Blogger

This post is dedicated to those bloggers who just entered into the field of Blogging and want to make Blogging as a career or want their blog to stand out. Starting days of  blogging is confusing but the best part of starting days of blogging are, Bloggers are very confident.On the other hand the sad part is they  can’t carry out all those plan on their blog and finally it results in death of a blog.


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Most of the bloggers make big plans in the first phase of blogging like and they want to compete a really big blog like Mashable, Techcrunch, Makeuseof but they don’t even realize the hard work involved behind these blogs. They really don’t understand the team work , planning and execution involved behind the blogs.


Bloggers love to dream about success and popularity, they dream day and night to become a popular blogger. But in reality they pass the day in dreaming about blog and they never do any work in real to improve their blog. Another problem which I faced when I see other bloggers making good money, I start following their path, and leave my goals aside.  That ways bloggers loose their own identity and try to copy some one else style. Always remember every blog and blogger has his own uniqueness and individuality.

Checking Stats

This is the most common problem among newbie bloggers. They regularly check the stats of their blog. Stats like adsense earning, traffic stats ,  Alexa rank. They forget that the time which they invest on checking stats can invested on any creative work on the blog. Ex. Commenting, writing post, article reading etc.

Blogspot Blog

Starting days of blogging brings lots of mistakes, one of the common mistake is starting blogging with Blogspotblog. This is not actually a mistake, they don’t aware with importance of WordPress and its amazing plugin features. But they can migrate from Blogspot to WordPress by certain methods.

Niche Blog

Niche is very important for blogging. There are certain process on Choosing the Right Blog Niche. Niche blogs are blogs which exclusively focus on a specific subsection of a general and usually popular topic. In starting of blog they confuse in what to write and what not to write. They choose to write on various areas like Movie, music, personal stuff, Love and relation, technology, gadgets etc. on their blog. Though writing about stuff you want to write is a good idea, but you losing a chance to create an authority blog.


SEO is most underestimated topic among new bloggers. They really don’t take care of meta tags, headlines,permalink, title tags and images.  They don’t know about All in One SEO plugin, robots meta plugin and how to use it.

These are the common mistakes done by bloggers in the starting days. These mistakes should be avoided for long life and effectiveness of blog. Do you know about any more mistakes you had faced in starting day of blogging life. Feel free to mention those mistakes in a comment section.

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  1. Yes,i completely agree with you.Another fact is that many bloggers tend to loose hope within a short span,especially when many of them solely intent in making money and fail to do so.
    .-= Neeraj Kumar´s last blog ..Was Google Wave Worth All The Hype ? =-.

  2. I liked this post seriously most of the things you said are absolutely true but saying blogspot decision is a bad way to start blogging i have to say its completely wrong in my opinion , many popular bloggers used blogspot in their earlier career like Amit (labnol), woork all these are blogspot blogs and are popular as you said people instead of Dreaming if they work hard on writing exceptional content platforms hardly matter. good work much appreciated.
    .-= kalyan´s last blog ..Subscribe and Get ProCopyblogger Delivered… Free! =-.

  3. great post….no 2 & 3 are something which i went through….and will advice every new blogger to avoid
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..Blogosphere is an Honest Place =-.

  4. Great advice for new bloggers – Even after nearly 2 years of blogging I still fall intot he trap of wasting my time stat tracking 😉
    .-= Clare´s last blog ..Twilight Necklace/Image Charm Edward =-.

  5. Yes, I studied everything about big blogs and like techcrunch, makeuseof. They are providing great quality content. They are on the top of lakhs of searches in many niche.
    It is better to start and achieve smaller goals then target big ones.
    .-= Rahul´s last blog ..Lunascape Web Browser Review =-.

  6. I believe the most common mistake made by any new bie blogger is niche blogging.. Few days back I was talking to one of blogger from Pune (Ruchi), she blogged out lots of posts on different topics, later on she realize that she wants to blog about Blogging niche but was worried about the old posts… So for people in such cases.. Forget what happened.. and start writing series of post on your new niche…. Make sure you pick a niche as early as possible..
    .-= Blogspot to WordPress´s last blog ..Download Free Premium WordPress theme :What’s the Catch? =-.

  7. Well thanks Himanshu :), this was very much useful to me as i am doing some of the mistakes mentioned above .
    Being lazy is also one of the most common mistake by a newbie blogger, which i have experienced myself and yet trying to come out of it !!!!
    .-= Sunny Bhasin´s last blog ..Why =-.

  8. hm… i shouldn’t agree with make a blogspot blog as a start is a mistake. but i don’t think that you blame it at all… you just said, wordpress is better, is it right?

    cause, even wordpress is better ( a little) i think a blogger having own sense on what platform they choose for blogging…

    .-= neilhoja´s last blog ..Google Wave, Future of Computer? =-.

  9. That part of daydreaming is the most coomon thing. Iwas also suffering from this bad habbit but now I’m trying hard to find my way up.
    .-= Sushant´s last blog ..No Indians allowed in Haagen Dazs Delhi Store =-.

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