Comparison Between Nokia Cheapest 30$ Phone and Latest $600 iPhone 4

The title of this article might surprise you but there is something in Nokia 30$ phone which is better than iPhone 4. And that is network reception. Yes, Nokia can do what Apple phone can’t. One user compared the network reception at the same time, at the same place, with the same GSM provider. Image given below is the result of the test. No network in Apple phone while full network on Nokia phone.


The result was not too much surprising because already many people reported for an antenna issue. Instead of solving the issue, Apple released excuse notes and gave information about its antenna design and test labs to satisfy the users. But this kind of proof is sufficient to expose all the vulnerabilities of Apple.

User also expressed his frustration by saying these words:

“In my apartment in Rome, where GSM reception is rather marginal, I had to buy a $30 Nokia with a spare mobile number, so people could actually call me.”

[via The Road To The Horizon].

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