Confidential Images of Motorola Razr HD Leaked Online

Motorola made a sparkling comeback with their Motorola Razr range of devices, importing great sleep design from their old Razr line of phones to the existing Android line. However, a lot of speculations have been made regarding the device that will follow the razr Droid line. In a rather odd event, the images of what seems to be a highly confidential Motorola Razr HD have been leaked out online. The device is said to be featuring an 8 MP camera unlike the 13MP that was earlier reported. Another interesting observation is that the phone runs only on ICS yet and not Jelly Bean, but we would expect the device to launch with Jelly Bean. The exterior of the device look fairly similar to the Motorola Droid Razr, but the lack of Kevlar back definitely is a downhill move. Here are the leaked images, so you can decide if this is how the Razr HD should look like.

Via: Droiddog


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