Contact+ For Android is Awesome Contact Manager

Default contact manager of Android is nice but when we have option to get more then why do we use the default one. Switch to Contact+, an awesome contact manager for Android phone that lets you manage your contact by providing seamless options like social media integration, instant contact options and many more. It will make your default stock contact and dialler option looks sluggish.

To use this app, go to Google play and download this app absolutely free. After downloading and installing the app when you open it, it will ask you to verify your phone number. You can verify your number wither manually or automatically by sending a message. You’ll receive a verification code soon on your mobile which can be used for verification.


contact + for Android


Once verified, you can enter your Facebook and Google+ credentials to integrate this app with both the services. Once done, this app will sync all the information of your friends from Google+ and Facebook. You can also add services like Linkedin and Twitter to integrate these app with your phonebook. Now, if you want to check the contact information of any of your friend, just go to this app, search for your friend using search box. When you click on the photograph of your friend, it will give option to call, send text message to your friend, update Facebook wall, send Whatsapp message, reply to Twitter and many more options.

This app also gives you birthday reminder of your friends time to time so that you won’t miss any of your friends birthday. There are two themes options (light and dark) available. Once you verify the app, it will automatically sync pictures and birthday from Facebook.This app is also optimized for big screen devices like tablets. You can easily download tablet version from Play store for your tablet.

Overall it’s a great app for users which add value to your device and gives you many options to connect with your friend. Don’t forget to check out the video given below to know more about this application.

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