Context: Extension for Chrome to Manage all other Extensions

Have a lot of extensions on your Chrome browser? Context is an extension for Google Chrome that allows users to manage all their extensions by arranging them in different profiles and by switching between these profiles, users can be exposed to different browsing experiences.


If you have a lot of extensions installed on your Chrome browser, then you will see a drastic reduction in browsing speeds and responsiveness of your browser. It is not always that you use all of your extensions every time you use Chrome. Context can help you manage these extensions. You can arrange your  extensions by sorting them into different categories like Work, Home or Fun and then switch between these profiles whenever you want to with the help of Context. This will increase your browsing speed as well as its responsiveness. The more extensions you add to your browser, the slower will be your browsing experience. If you don’t want to get rid of any of your extensions, then Context can help you with that by arranging them according to your preference and you can switch between profiles to use the extensions that you need at the time. You can even change the themes for each profile to give a new feel each time you switch between them.

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