Contrary to what you may think; Air Travel is Safest in the current scenario

With the memories and wounds of MH 370 and MH 17 fresh in our mind, traveling by air has become a bit of a mission. Every time, post the incidents, I have landed safely, I have momentarily thanked the heavens that no mishap occurred. While the black cloud of safety looms large on air travels, the industry is bound to suffer from the incidents. But how much truth is there in all of this? Is air travel really that unsafe?

aviation Safety

Contrary to what you may think, air travel in 2014 has been safest that there has been. Yes, we have seen almost 3 fatal crashes and its barely been half an year and we have already lost more than 600 lives in air crashes, but still a report from CBC begs to differ. If you put numbers into context, in 2013, there was 1 fatal air crash incident among 1.9 million flights which broke the average score of past 5 years that read 1.6 million. This means that while air travel has been really safe in the past few years, 2014 has come as a shock, or an year with a black mark on it when comes to air safety. Is it complacency on the part of the crew that air travel is safe or not, is something nobody can answer.

Last year had a total of 19 aviation accidents that involved fatalities, making the year most safe after 2012 in terms of air travel since 1948. Here is an interesting chart that gives out the numbers when it comes to aviation safety. All we can hope for is that 2014 goes by incident free and we can all be safe and welcome 2015 and go back to making sure the high standards of aviation are maintained.


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