Control The Orientation Of Your Android Smartphone Using Orientation Control

We love our smartphones but there are a few features of our phones that we have a rather turbulent love-hate relationship with. The orientation of the phone is one. Imagine using your android phone while lying on the bed and it automatically switching the orientation, it is one time we hate having a gyro sensor. Yes, we can switch the turning control off but what if you need to keep turning it on and off, going into settings each time would be a pain.

The easy solution for this problem is the application called orientation control. It is a very simple and easy application that does what it says. It adds a shortcut to your notification bar on your Android phone from where you can control the orientation of your phone. The UI is simple and easy and has plenty of options to customise. You can lock certain orientations and force the device to stay in portrait or landscape mode. This is extremely easy and a very useful addition especially if your device is not rooted.

Orientation control is an application that is available for just $1.49 in the Android Play Store and for that price is definitely a must have. It is a necessary utility as turning off the gyro sensor not only makes things easy but also saves some amount of battery that the sensor might be using. So, there is no time to waste guys, go ahead and download this awesome application. This is the link for the download.

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