Convert 2D images to 3D using 3Defy

3Defy is an online tool that allows users to have fun with their pictures by converting them into 3 dimensional images. The website allows you to select a picture from its database or you can even upload an image of your own from your computer or you can type in a url on an online image.

3defy login

Upon visiting the website, it prompts you to select an image for editing. Then the website will ask you to register which does not take much time. Once this is done, you will be directed to the main page for editing. There are many options available to help make our image as “3-Dimensional” as possible. The editor is easy to use and does not require any professional experience.


The main editor page is simple enough use and for those who still have a problem with using the tool, there is a video demo available to help understand the tool better. There are many ways to make your image 3-Dimensional.

3defy controls3defy full3defy sample

There are options like pivoting, bending and adding texture to the image to make changes to the image that change the orientation of the image from 2D to 3D. You can change the way you view the image by keeping 2 copies of the same image facing each other and creating a mirror image or keeping them parallel to each other or any other option to make the image look more attractive.

By using the right set of tools for the right images, you can create amazing 3D images by using this editor and the interface of this website will always make you wanting for more.

Check out 3Defy.

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