Convert Files in Different Formats Using Email

There are a lot of websites on the internet that offer the service for converting files in different formats. You have to upload the source file, select the desired format and the converted file is ready for download. This is pretty easy but it has it limitations. You have the upload the file to the file conversion service and this becomes a challenge when uploading from any mobile browser. Also, if you receive a file as an email attachment, you need to download the file first and then upload it to the file conversion service, convert it and download it back again. This is time consuming.

Now you can convert files by email itself using Zamzar which is a popular tool for converting file online. All you need to do is forward the email to Zamzar, and the link to download the converted file will be sent back to you in no time. The mail should be forwarded to where format is the output file format. For example if you want to convert a docx file to pdf, the email should be forwarded to Using this service You can convert documents, presentations, ebooks, videos, audio files, archives and more. You can check Here for a complete list of supported file formats. Also, forwarding the email only starts the conversion process. To download the converted file you need to visit the Zamzar website by following the link in the Email that you receive.





You don’t have to register to use this service to convert files up to 1 MB in size. For larger files you need a paid account and will have to shell out some money, starting at $7 a month. I found Zamzar really helpful as people using office 2003 are always looking around to convert to docx format. Many PC’s in your college and office won’t allow you to install softwares. Zamzar comes in handy then and you can directly forward the email and download the converted files. Also people always need to convert attachments received in Emails from PDF to Word or Excel and Zamzar’s online service serves the purpose.

According to Zamzar’s privacy policy, the original files are deleted as soon as they have been converted. The company does however store your email address.

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