Copy Entire Websites for Offline Viewing with Win HTTrack Website Copier

Win HTTrack is an application that will copy entire websites so you can read through them offline. Your browsers are good enough for copying one or two pages from websites. But entire websites cannot be copied using your browsers. Some users may want to view the website later on without connecting to the internet. This app can help them to do so.

website copier

Win HTTrack requires a simple installation and once this is done, open the exe file. You can configure the basic settings from the main window.

Follow these simple steps to start copying your websites:

1. Once you open the application, type in the name of the project, i.e, type in any name that you want the website files to be located in.

2. You can type in a category for the website if you intend to use this app heavily, in which case it would be easier to identify your websites by separating them according to their categories.

3. Select the drive in which you want the websites to be saved.

4 Select the type of download that you want the app to perform. You can choose to download complete websites, download complete websites+questions or even continue with download of interrupted downloads.

5.  Add the URL of the website you want to download. Then click next.

website copier2

6. Adjust connection parameters according to your preference and click Finish.

website copier1

7. The app will then start downloading the files from the website so you can later view them offline.

Download Win HTTrack website copier

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