Copy, Move Your Files to Dropbox Folder Easily via Dropbox Shell Tools

Dropbox is one of my favorite tool to backup and store files in cloud. You can check my step by step guide to install Dropbox on your computer. One shortcoming in this tool is, you have to open a Dropbox folder before moving any file to it. There is no right click option to send files easily to Dropbox folder.

But sending file to Dropbox by via context menu is possible with the help of third party plugin known as  Dropbox Shell Tools. Previously this software was not available in English but now developer introduces a new revamped English version of the tool which is quite handy.

All you need to do is, download and install the tool on your Windows computer. Now, if you right click on any file, you’ll see a Dropbox option in the context menu. When you move your mouse pointer over it, it displays options such as Copy to Dropbox, Move to Dropbox etc.


You can either copy any file inside a Dropbox folder or you can move the entire file to it. Note that if you move your file to the Dropbox then it simply cut and past the tool inside Dropbox folder. It also provides you a facility to move the file either to public folder or any subfolder you want. It is free to download.

Download Dropbox Shell Tools.

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