Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Announced

Corning has announced the fourth iteration of its famous Gorilla Glass. The glass series which has found home on more than 7 billion devices already is the most preferred glass housing for the display for all the major OEMs in the world. The previous generation, Gorilla Glass 3 alone has been installed on more than 3 billion devices, which kind of gives you an idea of the popularity and mass consumption of the product.

Gorilla Glass 4

The Gorilla Glass 4 is made out of the same fusion draw process that other Gorilla Glass products have been made out of, though despite the same process, the strength of the material is much improved, allowing your device to resist impact better and stay perfectly like new. The new Gorilla Glass is said to be twice as impact resistant as any other competitive material in the market, though we really doubt this takes sapphire into consideration.

The opacity or transparency of the glass is as good as the Gorilla Glass 2 and therefore you can be sure that you would have no problem viewing the colors or any sort of crazy internal reflections happening. The glass is currently in testing with the major OEM players and therefore you can expect them to start shipping with the next generation of flagship products. You can check out the testing process of the Gorilla Glass 4 in the video released here:

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