Could Oppo be the First Hardware Partner for CyanogenMod?

It was only last week that CyanogenMod, one of the most popular Android Communities announced that they are working on making an Android version for Mobile Users by the Mobile Users. You can read the story here in case you missed out on it. CyanogenMod has become one of the resident names to those who are into hacking or rather rooting their Android devices and installing custom ROMs on them. CyanogenMod team announced that they have collected over $7 Million for the startup which would write an OS which would fight for the third spot in market share in a world dominated by iOS and Android, against the likes of Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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CyanogenMod being a software startup would obviously require tie ups with some major OEMs to bring it’s products to market. One way could be to continue producing ROMs for existing manufacturers, but looks like the plans are bigger this time. Steve Kondik attended the launch of Oppo N1 held in Beijing on September 23rd and there are rumors that a partnership of some sort was discussed with some of the N1 devices coming with preloaded CyanogenMod OS.

You can checkout this short Youtube clip which was shown off by Oppo before the launch of N1 hinting towards a possible union.

Via: FoneArena

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