Could the Next Android Version be JellyBean 4.3?

There have been so many rumors about the next Android that it is difficult to keep a check on all of them. There are conflicting reports on it being Android 5.0 and called Key Lime Pie or it being just another incremental update and be JellyBean 4.3. If you are in the latter camp, then definitely you are in the ascendancy at least till more rumors surface.

Android 4.3

Android Community, one of the most respected blogs when it comes to release a breaking have published that they have had Android version 4.3 popping up in their traffic trends report. The trend simply could mean that Android 5.0 could simply be cleverly disguised, but we would not be very shocked if at the upcoming Google I/O event we have only a minor update to the Android OS. And if that is the case, then version 4.3 makes sense. The 4.3 device traffic i reportedly coming mainly from the Mountain View region.

This could potentially be a big news, especially given that last couple of updates have been incremental and maybe Android is running the risk of becoming boring just like iOS has. We hope though, someone has been hiding and playing a trick and we do see some major changes in the next Android version that pretty much are the call for the day to keep it’s pole position among other mobile OS.

Via: Technobuffalo

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