Cover For Android is the Perfect Lockscreen Replacement

It is very rare when an app even though in Beta causes a ripple in the calm sea of Android. However, of late we have had a few of them. We had Aviate which really bought some very cool ways of customizing the home screen, and now we have Cover which is like an extension to Aviate itself.

Cover For Android

Just like Aviate, Cover basically picks the apps that you use based on the place you are at. For example, if you are outside, you are likely to use Foursquare and you Camera app and Zomato. So, Cover, very intelligently just puts these apps on the lockscreen of your Android smartphone. You have options of Home, work, car and out. Not just this, you can actually browse plenty more apps on your device directly from the lockscreen. The design is neat and the UI is actually easy on the eye.

The only issue with the app is that is invite only, and you really have to be patient to get an invite. However, why not get going right away and enrolling? You can get in the queue to download Cover from their official website here.

You can check out more features of this fantastic app in the video attached below:


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