Cover Orange: Join The Fun On Your iPhone Too

The idea of this game app is simple; protect your oranges from the falling acid rain. There is a unique feeling of accomplishment after you successfully save the poor oranges from the evil cloud. The difficulty level increases as the levels increase. Each level requires logical thinking,planning and precise dropping of the limited number of wooden items provided for covering your oranges. If you fail to protect your oranges they will rot in quite a dramatic manner as the acid rain completely destroys them. Likewise, if you protect your oranges you will see them celebrate with a cute smile and wave a very sweet thank you banner for you.

Bombs that explode, boards that move, and even swinging hammers all need to be accounted for. As the levels increase, even the timing of each item dropped is of great importance. The fascinating part is that each puzzle presents a unique challenge that ultimately feels fresh and unlike anything before it.

Cover Orange’s graphics are simple and fun, mixing bright colours with detailed foreground graphics and scenic background. The game-play is smooth and simple. Animations are fluid and pleasing. The audio fits well, though the repeating soundtrack does get a bit. You may be solving puzzles like crazy and then run into one that stumps you try after try. You skip it and may move on to find several puzzles after are easily solved in one to two attempts.

There are limited helmets available for use and they act as a sort of walkover and the level is cleared automatically. You can purchase more helmets by paying a few dollars. But the real fun undoubtedly lies in completing the levels without the help of helmets.
So go out there and save the day for the cute, innocent oranges.

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