Create a WiFi hotspot using Maryfi

Suppose you have two laptops and only one internet connection cable then getting internet on both the laptops is not so easy (you can make use of Windows Ad Hoc Network) but setting ad hoc is not an easy task. Now, Maryfi is a software for Windows 7 computers which allows users to easily create Wifi hotspots. The hotspots can be used for connecting mobile phones, gaming consoles or other laptops.

You have to first download and install this free tool on your computer. Open a program and select the name and password of the connection you wish to create. By clicking the “Start Hotspot” button the application utilizes your computers built-in Wifi card to wirelessly share any available internet connection. The connection is kept safe with a password using a WPA-2 encryption.


Before you can start using the hotspot connection using Maryfi, you need to make some adjustments with your internet connection. Just click on the “view network connections to setup internet sharing” button and you are directly sent to the page where you can view all the connections available on your computer. Just right click on the connection you wish to share and enable the internet connection sharing for that connection. Once this is done, click on the “start hotspot” button and then wait till the network status for Maryfi shows “connected”. Once this is done, you can access the internet using any other device by connecting to this connection.

Maryfi is compatible with only Windows 7. The software is available for free and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Maryfi.

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  1. i have problem in connecting it i’m getting error message “lerror while writting network setting to computer
    ” if i say ok then i get one more error massage “Error when starting hotspot
    Please be sure to install microsoft virtual wi-fi, and have the last update to yout wireless card from manufacturer website”.

    Please help

  2. The “run as administrator” step worked for me….But prior to that i followed this below mentioned step and then followed by “run as administrator” to get Maryfi running properly…Im not sure which one of the steps helped me to get Maryfi started, so i would advise doing both if u r unsure… 🙂

    open up a command prompt as an Administrator (search the Start Menu for “Command Prompt”, right-click on it, and choose “Run as Administrator”). Then run the command “netsh wlan show hostednetwork”, and then “netsh wlan stop hostednetwork” followed by “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”. The second and third commands might kick-start Virtual Wi-Fi into a working state, allowing Maryfi to function properly.

  3. Guys, I searched google with the problem statement and saw this resolution trail ….. The commands run in the command prompt has resolved my problem.
    Thank you All.

  4. maryfi is connected but not loading data in iPhone……
    facing this problem for some days.before that is was perfectly….reinstalled it but no change….

  5. i start maryfi its Error when starting hotspot please be sure to install Microsfot virtual wifi,and have the last update to your wireless card from manufacturer website …even i try to open maryfi as run as administrater its showing me same thing…and m using acer aspire 4740…please help me out…

      • Same here, I’m getting a dialog box “Error when starting hotspot please be sure to install Microsoft virtual wifi,and have the last update to your wireless card from manufacturer website.”
        Please help me here.

  6. as i follow the steps that anonymous give it works but when i try to connect my tablet the password of maryfi did not match when my pc validatedit pls. help me how to solve it in finding the right password is there any way?

  7. If Marify does not connect than there is a function on one of the function keys with a sign like “antenna”. Use it with the ALT key or without it according to your keyboard. Then again start Marify as administrator. This time it will start if your problem was this.

  8. nice program it’s very easy to use it and works in a good way without any problems and covered what i need

  9. bueno yo estoy conectado a mi portatil por medio de cable puedo pasarle internet a mi blackberry o tengo que estar conectado por medio de wifi muchas gracias espero su respuesta

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