Create and Edit Photos Online Using Adobe Photoshop Editor

Adobe Photoshop Editor is an online tool for creating and editing photos using almost the same features that are present on the Photoshop software. The online editor is mainly meant for non professional users who want a tool to edit their photos and share them online.  But you basically get all the features that are available on the software except for some really complicated tools that you probably won’t need anyway.


You can create your own account on the website and save your photos there so you will never lose them. Or if you just want to try this tool, you can just upload a photo from your computer and get started.

adobe photoshop editor

The main editor page pops up once you select the photo. Here all the major tools required for editing are present on the left side of the window. Every tiny change can be viewed as a sample on your main photo so you can undo or redo the changes whenever you want. There are many new tools that are being tested for the new version of Photoshop which you can use here on this web tool.

Some of these new features are the Dodge and Burn tools that allow users to edit specific parts of an image by increasing or decreasing the brightness or exposure on those areas. Users also have the option of selecting the brush size, hardness and even the exposure value before editing. Another new feature that is being introduced is the Crystallize effect. This option gives a cool artistic look to your images giving the appearance of looking at the image through a broken glass window. This effect works best with images which contain a wide variety of bright and vibrant colors.

Once you are done with editing you can save the images on your computer or if you have created your account on the website, you can save them there itself. You can even share your edits on Facebook, Twitter and other various social networking sites.

Edit your photos now by visiting the Adobe Photoshop Editor website.

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