Create audio playlists and listen to music with Digicart

Digicart is an innovative new way of listening to your evryday music. It is a software that contains 8 pages. And on each of these 8 pages are 42 boxes. You can drag and drop audio files into each of these boxes to create playlists and listen to your music.


This is a really very nice tool to listen to your music. It is simple, light and easy to use. Digicart requires an installation which won’t take much of your time. Install and run the application. The main window opens with Page 1 of the 8 pages present. All you have to do is open your explorer, and drag the music files you want to create the playlist with and drop them in the boxes given on the page. Each box is assigned to play one audio file. So you can make a more personalized playlist easily with this app.

Once you have added the music files to the boxes on the app, click on one of the boxes to start playing your songs. To make the playlist look more appealing, you can change the colors of the boxes.

Digicart supports almost all types of formats that are used on the PC and the app is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Download Digicart.

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