Create Backup of Your Browser Profile Using Hekasoft

These days we have plenty of browsers as options to browse the web in a better manner. Some famous and efficient one are Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Internet explorer, on the other hand is a famous browser but it doesn’t provide customization options as others do. For example, Chrome provides options to sync all our browser data (such as passwords, bookmarks, form data) in cloud.

Sometimes it happens that you forget to enable the sync option in your browser and you might start your browsing from the scratch. This is very painful because losing all your important browsing data ultimately affect your productivity. The simple solution for this problem is Hekasoft Backup & Restore.

Hekasoft Backup & Restore is a simple application for Windows computer that lets you backup and restore your profile very easily. This tool supports many browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Comodo Dragon etc.

To backup the profile of any browser, first you have to select it from the drop down. Then check the backup option and close your browser before proceeding. Click on “Start” button to start the backup process. It will take few seconds to complete the process. Restoring from backup is also easy. You have to select “Restore” instead of “Backup”.

Download Hekasoft Backup & Restore.

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