Create Colorful QR codes with Custom Logo For Your Website

QR codes have become very common these days as it is an effective way of promoting a brand name. This is really a popular technique and most of the big brands and websites use this to attract more target audience. Generally we see that the QR codes are black in color with a white background and there are a number of tools available to create a QR code. We have already told you how to make a QR code for your website. But now you can make a colorful QR code with a custom logo and custom colors which will give your code an amazing look to attract more target audience. This you can do for free by visiting this website called Unitag.


You just have to enter your website URL and you can select your QR code color gradient, backdrop and logo in just a few clicks. The custom logo option provided here is the best part. This will provide that ‘brand image’ to your organization. Here is the color QR code for Blogtechnika.


Things to remember before creating your QR code is that choose your color combinations wisely. Always use contrasting color for the light and dark areas. Also when you add a logo, make sure to check whether the code is working fine before deploying it because at times logos can make your QR code unreadable.

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